as much as i hate creeping facism...

...i almost hate axe body spray more. still, this is ridiculous:
A Minnesota lawmaker proposed a bill Monday urging a fragrance-free educational campaign to discourage students from dousing themselves in scents that aggravate classmates with asthma and other health problems.

Odors that fill hallways come mostly from boys who douse themselves in body sprays like Axe, said Mikolai Altenberg, a senior at Minneapolis South High School. He said the smell is "indescribable" and unavoidable.

maybe she can think up a ban for teenage whining while she's at it.

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Kadnine said...

I happen to like and use Axe products! The key is judicious use, a distinction that may well be lost on youngsters today. As for the proposed law, no end to the nannyist impulse, I guess.

BTW, like yer blog, found you through DoublePlusUndead, added you to my KY blogroll. Hope you don't mind.