gop vs. reagan conservaties

in a microcosm of what goes on in nearly all gop primary fights, the republican national committee is fighting the re-election of rep. paul broun (r-ga):
Broun won a special election to fill Congressman Charlie Norwood’s term in 2007. No one thought Broun could win. The entire Republican establishment was opposed to him, he was out fundraised, out spent, and out campaigned. Painted as a fringe Christian whose only support came from evangelicals and home-school students, Broun went on to trounce the establishment’s candidate with a narrow 50.4% victory.

The day after Broun’s election, the party establishment set out to find someone to run against Broun. Since that time, Broun has shown himself to be exactly what the GOP needs. Broun has managed to re-forge the Reagan alliance between evangelical social conservatives and hard core fiscal libertarians. Opposed to the drug war and in favor of allowing parents to get their kids out of government schools, Broun has consistently fought to restrict the federal government’s incursion into our lives and, most troubling to the GOP establishment, Broun has worked to turn off the earmarks spigots that have caused so many of his fellow Republicans to go on a perp walk.

compare this with the party injecting itself in the 2006 republican primary to save literal RINO lincoln chafee against conservative primary challenger stephen laffey.

the national republican party does not have the interests of conservatives in mind. this is why, when i donate to gop causes, it always goes to candidates i support, not the party establishment.

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