comment and email policy

for my first trick, i am going to blatantly steal karol's comment policy....

have a very lax comment policy, and here it is:

somewhat on topic is good, completely on another subject is bad.

praising me is good. praising me in a way that makes me think you're a homicidal stalker is bad.

picking on people while having a point is okay. picking on people for the hell of it-no good.

i delete comments very rarely but it does happen so try to keep these simple rules in mind when posting.

also, i usually don't respond in the comments. so if you're trolling around posting left-wing comments, and i don't respond, it's not because i'm scared of you and your ideas. it's more likely that i just don't think you're worth wasting my time.

i reserve the right to post any and all e-mail i receive to this site, as well as any contact information. so if you want to be threatening, keep that in mind. along the same lines, if you e-mail me something friendly and would like to remain anonymous, please tell me so.