it's high noon time in albany

sleazebag gov. eliot spitzer has been given an ultimatum. he has 48 hours, or until early thursday, to resign, or face impeachment proceedings:
New York Assembly Republican Minority Leader James Tedisco said: "If he does not resign within the next 24 to 48 hours, we will prepare articles of impeachment to remove him.

"We need a leader in place that has the support of people on both sides of the aisle," Mr Tedisco told reporters.

The assemblyman's spokesman told the BBC that the business of state government would be paralysed until Mr Spitzer left office.

over at hotair.com, ed morrissey wonders if spitzer will try to ride out the storm, in the model of pres. bill clinton and sen. larry craig.

inside word is strong, however, that spitzer will be out of dodge in pretty short order.

either way, i don't think trying to eat your own lips is a good way to relieve the situation:


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