song of the day

"wise up" by aimee mann. the version from magnolia.

write-ins don't work, people

it's idiot moves like this that probably helped cost mitt romney a win in florida.

are you ready for more david souters?

finally. bob novak has corroboration on the story john fund of the wall street journal broke last week that stated that john mccain had told a group of republicans that he didn't like supreme court justice sam alito "because he wore his conservatism on his sleeve."

vietnam heroism be damned, this man would be an unmitigated disaster in the white house.


john mccain takes florida

a sad day for conservatism when a candidate who touts an endorsement form the new york times is so close to winning the republican nomination.

but it looks like he still can't win without the help of independents.

UPDATE: this really says it all. (h/t HotAir headlines)


song of the day

"over" by portishead. from the roseland nyc recordings.

the gop florida primary...

...is today.

in related news, i'm peeling the rudy bumper sticker off my car today.


as of right now...

...i am supporting mitt romney for president. not so much because i'm thrilled by him ass a candidate, but more because rudy is basically dead now and romney is the only one who can stop mccain/huckabee 2008.

sen. kennedy endorses obama

not too surprising, although obama didn't take his advice and kill a girl first.


hitler....pol pot....blair

french actor mathieu amalric is playing the villain in the next installment of the james bond franchise.

which world leaders will he be looking to for inspiration? tony blair and nicolas sarkozy, of course.

no kiddin'

maybe he should have put that $300 toward a nose job.


song of the day

"satisfaction" by björk and pj harvey.

this was one of the songs i started at when i began my love affair with pre-stories from the city, stories from the sea pj harvey.

watch out chuck norris

rambo endorses mccain.

16 years later...

...barack realizes what conservatives have always known.


kids these days


he's, like, for change and stuff

in the new york observer's endorsement of barack obama today comes this little gem...

We believe that Mr. Obama’s idealism and fresh ideas would ensure that the end of the Bush era would also mean an end to government by secrecy, Cheneyism, arrogance, oligarchy; an end to mindless armed unilateralism abroad; an end to the blustering, rank partisan disputes of the last quarter-century.

first off, if anyone can tell me the difference between sen. obama's ideas and the ideas of the other two, i'll give you a friggin' dollar.

and really...barack is going to end rank partisan disputes? he talks about "ending partisanship", but he says that when partisanship is ended what will happen is that the united states will finally, finally get to pass universal health care, comprehensive immigration reform, etc. in that context, "ending partisanship" means "ending opposing viewpoints and resistance to liberal policy".

song of the day

i was listening to dennis miller's radio show tonight, and i caller brought up this clip from 1992. it's chris elliott covering william shatner's spoken word version of elton john's "rocket man".

why so serious?

as you know, heath ledger died today. i never get sad about things like celebs dying, but i am with him. i felt like he was just coming into his own as an actor, and i had been really looking forward to what his future held.

the dark knight will most likely be his last film, and maybe his best role...

needless to say, the movie might be even creepier now.


the field narrows

fred is out.

as someone said, if he can't be reagan, i hope he can be goldwater.


how mccain can beat hillary.

(h/t the corner)


song of the day

"fraud in the 80's" by mates of state.

maybe he should have just tried to be governor of florida

rudy giuliani is my guy...but i've kinda lost faith. via drudge, the latest florida poll....

FLASH: RASMUSSEN Florida poll to be released: Romney 25, McCain 20, Giuliani 19... Developing...

hmmmm...what i do like about this year, though, is that there is no presumptive nominee, so more states get their voice in deciding the nominee.

in other news, it's sad that this is what qualifies as ripping into someone on the democrat side of the aisle.

this is how it's done, barack.



i guess utah is a little wilder than i thought.

you can't say huckabee didn't try to warn us. the man is a prophet. sent from God. or something.

or just a disappointing human being on every level. yeah. that's probably more accurate.

(h/t HotAir)


coupla things

cloverfield was amazing. i've never been so terrified by a monster movie in my life.

for anyone interested in the sc/nv primaries, check out the rundown here.

this is gonna be the best night ever...

i can't wait...

cloverfield @ 2:40pm. yay! maybe a mini-review later.

nerd found dead at 64...

...anti-semitic, anti-american shill bobby fischer dies in Iceland due to a combination of kidney failure and heart-ache over Ron Raul's inability to win the hearts and minds of sane americans, but mostly of kidney failure.


song of the day

"maybe not" by cat power.

a small post on sen. mccain...

...from mark levin.

don't get too caught up in the mccain hype. he was a great war hero, but his senate record is a disaster.

light blogging today.


our "christian leader" and push polls.

pro-huck groups are conducting (illegal) push polls ahead of the sc primary on saturday...

fred thompson responds here.

(h/t HotAir)

would you like to supersize for $99,999.99?

a burger in zimbabwe will set you back $15,000,000.00 in zim$.

you stay classy retarded, mugabe.

get those social-con blinders off...

well, cowboy, you could say the same thing if huckabee gets the nomination.

song of the day

"majesty snowbird" by sufjan stevens


ky state budget ideas

gov-elect steve beshear has asked me what we should do about the budget. seeing as how he's a democrat, i feel like i should give him an idea other than raising taxes.

your thoughts?


bitch sed what?

who said the following?

"For those of us for whom summer is not a verb, for those of us who didn't go to fancy boarding schools on the east coast, for those of us who didn't grow up with a silver spoon, who were lucky to have a spoon — ask those folks and they'll tell you the economy is not doing well for them."


huckabee/jesus 2008!

get on board, Real Christians™, nanny huckabee wants to make the Constitution more safe and comforting and, ya know, God-like.

i know i don't speak for most Christians (and unlike nanny huckabee, i won't claim to), but i want a president who will stand up for all faiths and all people in america.

photo of the day


rep. bobby jindal (r-la) is now gov. bobby jindal (r-la).

he will be someone to watch, especially if the dems win the presidency in '08.

jindal/palin 2012 has a nice ring to it.

(h/t RedState)


your dad died....so what?

you stay classy, huffpo.

oh...just to be fair, this was wildly disappointing as well. i seriously expected better of michelle.

cornholing for kids

frankly, every time i drive through charleston, all i want to do is drive off a bridge. a bridge probably named after sen. byrd (d-kkk).

good for these people, though.

to donate to st. jude's, click here.


the ugly, personal, and violent rEVOLution

comment and email policy

for my first trick, i am going to blatantly steal karol's comment policy....

have a very lax comment policy, and here it is:

somewhat on topic is good, completely on another subject is bad.

praising me is good. praising me in a way that makes me think you're a homicidal stalker is bad.

picking on people while having a point is okay. picking on people for the hell of it-no good.

i delete comments very rarely but it does happen so try to keep these simple rules in mind when posting.

also, i usually don't respond in the comments. so if you're trolling around posting left-wing comments, and i don't respond, it's not because i'm scared of you and your ideas. it's more likely that i just don't think you're worth wasting my time.

i reserve the right to post any and all e-mail i receive to this site, as well as any contact information. so if you want to be threatening, keep that in mind. along the same lines, if you e-mail me something friendly and would like to remain anonymous, please tell me so.