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The draconian body to our north, known as the Canadian Human Rights Commission, is going on a witch hunt against conservative Canadian bloggers:
The human rights commission attacks on Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn have made a lot of people aware of the danger of allowing these government bodies to regulate the speech of Canadians, and the internet has been abuzz with stories of bureaucratic abuse. The fight for free speech has begun.

As you might expect, these commissions and those who support them are not prepared to go down without a fight. In recent days, defamation notices have begun to arrive at the doors of the bloggers and website owners who have dared to comment on former human rights investigator and EGALE member, Richard Warman, or his staunchest defender, former Liberal war room strategist, Warren Kinsella. (Yes, he’s the same Warren Kinsella who ridiculed Stockwell Day’s Creationist views with a Barney doll on national television.)
Kathy at Five Feet of Fury has now reported that the lawsuits have been served. You can help these bloggers by donating to their legal defense funds (links to each of the bloggers' sites at the bottom of this post).

Warman is, of course, the same sharia-promoting imbecile that filed a complaint against Ezra Levant's magazine, the Western Standard for publishing the Danish Muhammed cartoons. Levant's videotaped inquiry before an employee of the Alberta Human Rights Commission can be found on his YouTube page. (There are about 9 clips in total, so I don't want to post them all on this post.) Here is his opening statement:

I find it interesting that people always threaten to "move to Canada" when someone they don't like gets the presidency, as if it is somehow "better" or "more free". What a joke.

CORRECTION: I was contacted by the site administration of NoApologies.ca tonight, and I would like to issue a correction. From his email:
Just a quick correction to your post. You wrote that "Warman is, of course, the same sharia-promoting imbecile that filed a complaint against Ezra Levant's magazine, the Western Standard for publishing the Danish Muhammed cartoons."

Actually, that's not quite correct. OK, it's not even close.

Warman is Jewish (as is Exra). While the guys who are going after Ezra are Muslims - one complaint, since withdrawn, was from an imam in Calgary named Syed Soharwardy. The other is from the Muslim Council of Edmonton. Nobody has been able to prove any connection between Richard Warman and these guys. Largely because they don't exist.
(The Muslims, in their darker and more honest moments, would probably be as glad to persecute Warman as they would Ezra.)

Just to be clear, like you, I have no use for Warman. I'm the site admin for noapologies.ca, (you linked to an article on our site - that's how I found you) and we fully expect to be "next" on Dickie's War-baby's list of lawsuit targets. But disdaining the man, his tactics, or his politics doesn't mean we need to sacrifice accuracy.
Just thought you'd like to know.
When I wrote this post today, I took the following passage in this post at Michelle Malkin's site to mean that Warman was the one bringing charges against both the Western Standard and the Canadian bloggers:
You need to know about this. The same tool who went after Canadian publisher Ezra Levant over the Mohammed cartoons is also targeting other Canadian conservative bloggers with “defamation” legal threats. He is trying to shut up and shut down the right-leaning blogosphere up north one blog at a time–and then is suing people who call him a censor.
I should have been more thorough, and I apologize for the error.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Thanks for the support Mate! We will beat these buggers down.

Somena Woman said...

The legal action in this case is a libel suit brought by a citizen against other citizens and a newspaper.

It is not an HRC tribunal - even though I am beginning to think that Ezra has purposefully tried to confuse the issue to make people believe that it's one and the same thing. I've seen umpteem blogs this morning all posting the same thing...

That this is an HRC case.

It's not.