Please, dear Lord, no...

Via the HotAir headlines, Mike Huckabee is restarting his website on April 15, 2008. In the comments to that headline, readers are noticing some interesting similarities to this site that make me think I will be voting for a third party for president for the first time ever.

This is absolutely the worst mistake Sen. McCain could possibly make. Let's hope that MSNBC's reporting is accurate:
Huckabee’s daughter, Sarah, reiterated that the former Arkansas governor is not running for anything this year -- the filing deadline to run for Senate in his home state has passed -- and said the countdown is for the launch of Huckabee’s new Web site.
Let's all just sit back and hope that he is forming a PAC or something. It will probably be something about the FairTax, given the April 15 launch date.


S. Weasel said...

Lindsey Graham would be even worse. I think I'd come completely unstrung if he picked Graham.

Hey, if you check over at Atheistica, she's made a version of the Moronosphere logo on black that would look much better in your sidebar.

it's vintage, duh said...

Ohhh! Thanks for that link. I'll do that when I get back from work.

Yeah, Lindsey Graham would be terrible, but something tells me he wouldn't appoint a 50-something single man for VP (ahem).

s. weasel said...

I dunno. Did you see this Politico article that HotAir linked to a couple days ago? I'm not sure McCain's gaydar is all that powerful.