Stuart Smalley stared pure evil in the face and lived to tell about it

Nice Deb has a post up about an encounter alleged comedian and Senate hopeful Al Franken had with a conservative college student. The whole post is worth reading, but this quote from the article Nice Deb examines caught my eye:
An aide eventually interrupted Franken's act, [Peter] Fritz said, by announcing to the candidate that it was time to go.

Fritz told me Monday that he then stuck out his hand to shake Franken's. "Well, at least it's nice to meet you," the GOPer said he told Franken, who reportedly replied, I can't say the same.

There was no handshake, said Fritz.
Now, to many people this would appear rude. However, you have to understand who the article is about: Al Franken. It is conceivable that this was simply the first time that Franken have ever had anyone tell him that it was nice to meet him. Put yourself in Franken's shoes, wouldn't you be confused?


Anonymous said...

wow, you must feel good about yourself, this 'news' is like a month and a half old and you're just finding out about it. talk about being on the 'cutting edge'

it's vintage, duh said...

It's such old and insignificant news, yet you felt compelled to search out this information, read a full blog post, and comment on said post.

Interesting that you couldn't find any way to dispute what I said after going through all that trouble, though.