We are so effed in November

The news just keeps getting worse. The GOP lost a conservative House seat 51-49 in a special election to replace now-Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi. About new Democrat Congressman Travis Childers:
But, the confluence of a treacherous national politicial environment for Republicans, a divisive GOP primary and the emergence of Childers, a social conservative from the more rural reaches of the districts, as the Democratic candidate combined to make the race an unlikely pickup opportunity.
This reminds me of my favorite quotes from Ann Coulter, "Democrats and Republicans both pretend to be conservatives. The only difference is that Republicans sometimes go back on thier word, Democrats always do." Paraphrased, but the point remains. When will people learn that when you elect a Travis Childers (or a Rep. Ken Lucas, who served in the district I grew up in), all that you do is give the Nancy Pelosis of the Democratic party more power. Sure, Childers may be conservative on social issues, but the Democrat leadership won't let him on any committee that would speak to those issues.

This is part of the reason that if I get the job I just interviewed for I will be moving inside DC, rather than in Northern Virginia. Virginia is turning purple, and about to turn all the way blue. I'd rather live in a place where I go in knowing that I won't have conservative governance, rather than have a situation where I vote and keep losing and losing and losing.

Zombie Reagan, where are you?

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