Some nice self-delusion from Sen. Murkowski...

The Hill asked the 97 remaining members of the U.S. Senate whether they would consider the vice presidency if their nominee offered. Sen. Murkowski provided this response (which literally made me laugh out loud in the middle of work):
“My name has been discussed partly because I’m a female and it’s always nice to balance things in gender … I’ve discussed it with my kids. My 16-year-old thinks it’s a fabulous idea because he thinks we probably couldn’t find any better residence in Washington, D.C., than the Naval Observatory. That’s the fun part of the question, but I think anybody, if you were seriously asked, I think you have to give it very real and genuine consideration. I don’t expect to be asked, but if I were I would give it real and genuine consideration.”
Seriously? Her "name has been discussed"? I'm addicted to veepstakes speculation and I have never heard her name discussed. Does anyone think that a politician who was only thrust upon the national stage due to nepotism is the way to win in 2008?

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