Sen. David Vitter and the agricultural amnesty

Sen. David Vitter has released a statement on the attempt to insert amnesty provisions into the war supplemental bill:
Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Sen. David Vitter today released the following statement about an amnesty provision inserted by Senate Democrats into the Iraq War supplemental funding bill that would provide a five-year “amnesty visa” to millions of illegal aliens employed in agriculture industries, allowing them to legally live and work in the United States.

“The Democratic leadership has amassed a significant track record of using the Iraq War as a means to advance their partisan politics. With the recess quickly approaching, this is not the time for such maneuvers, and this is certainly not the appropriate vehicle on which to attach such a blatantly political statement.

“This effort is particularly egregious as it uses the war funding bill to extend amnesty to illegal aliens, threatening the very national security that our brave service men and women fight to protect every day. Instead of ensuring that American troops are provided with the tools and resources that they need to protect our homeland, some in the Senate have instead chosen to jeopardize this funding by inserting provisions that are – at best – counterproductive to the efforts of our military members. I will be working to remove this amendment from this important bill,” said Vitter.
Nice sentiment, but Vitter shouldn't have been the one to make it.

Why? Because the amendment that inserted the amnesty provision is the Feinstein/Craig amendment. Thanks to his own retardedness problems, Vitter was unable to say add that necessary statement that Sen. Larry Craig should be at home getting his shit life together, instead of trying to undermine the rule of law in the Senate.

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