One of the most disturbing things about Bashar al-Assad....

...is his complete lack of a chin.


Seriously. Did he have chin cancer? Did an old cricket (or whatever the hell they play in Syria) injury require a chinectomy? Maybe Nancy has some insight...


Anonymous said...

Eh, as if anyone cares except him: It could be caused by chromosome 7, deletion 7q2: This is a rather rare chromosomal problem that causes a screw-up (a loss) of the long part of chromosome seven.

Some other characteristics include a big nose, short head, big forehead, largish mouth, etc.

It could be a host of things but it probably is not one of these:

It can't be Potter's as he would be dead, he seems too tall for it to be Velocardiofacial syndrome, he does not have obvious webbing so its not due to suffering from multiple pterygium syndrome, Ears look too normal for it to be DiGeorge's syndrome, skin too nice for it to be IBIDS syndrome, wrong for Urogenital adysplasia or bilateral renal agenesis, he is too normal for it to be Pollitt syndrome, he is not a dwarf so we can rule out all forms of microcephalic ostodysplastic primordial dwarfism

S. Weasel said...

<stares at anonymous in awe>

Anonymous said...


Perhaps your stare is the same way I stare at my car mechanic's diagnoses of some problem.

E.g., Typical convo:

Me on phone, "My friend said I threw a rod. Is that bad?"

Mechanic, "Yep. That's bad."
Ok, I stole that general line from 'Blues Bros' but the intent works.

In other words, specialized knowledge makes one look like a genius to those without the knowledge….nice but don't mistake your supposed genius as applying to other areas.

The most disturbing thing about Bashar is that he is a murderous anti-US dictator who is revered by the far USA lefties --- not the shape of his chin.