Obamessiah lifts us up where we belong

In endorsing Sen. Obama today, Rep. Lois Capps said this:
“Barack Obama is the better choice because of something larger and perhaps more important. Simply put, he has made a call to the better angels of our nature. He is challenging us to lift ourselves out of the ugliness that increasingly consumes Washington, where the heat of your argument counts for more than the light it should bring,” Capps said in a statement. “He is asking us to stand together as Americans and transcend the traditional lines that have so often divided us by party affiliation, economic status, gender, or race.”
Pay no attention to the fact that he hasn't been able to get one man who he's been close with for 20 years to transcend those traditional lines.


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Old Iron said...

Heh. Great thing about a well-lit halo is that it conceals all of the garbage it's radiating from. I can't WAIT until Obama gets to the end of the road of self-destruction that he is blasting down and the fallout hits all of the people and organizations that he supports.

I've got the popcorn ready.