Next up, The McCain-Feingold Tour!

Sen. McCain, who has done theme tours on his military service, "forgotten" laces, and health care access, plans to do more tours in the future:
"John McCain is going to be doing more of these themed tours of America, and one of them is going to be on energy and global climate change. It could get him into trouble with Republicans, of course, and with the base, who don't think there is much climate change going on, but it is something that he's very passionate about and he's going to be talking about it."
Thanks John. I would have absolutely no problem with this tour if McCain was offering free market, conservative solutions to environmental problems. But based on his co-sponsorship of bills like McCain-Lieberman, there's no reason to believe this will be the case.

Never underestimate the ability of a Republican to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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