James S. Robbins: Keeping the Hillary dream alive!

While most bloggers are offering up their post-mortems of the Clinton campaign, James S. Robbins over at The Corner still holds out hope of the primary fight continuing into the summer:
Why would anyone believe the the Democratic nomination race is over or soon to be? The analysts who are fascinated with mathematical models allocating delegates this way or that are missing the point. This is a political process. The Clinton campaign has netted about 48% of the delegates so far. That keeps her in the game. All she has to do is post a reasonable number of victories in the remaining primaries and caucuses to show she is viable, and that Obama is beatable. And even if the superdelegates start moving his way, that will not be decisive. The superdelegates are only stating their intent; nothing is official until the actual votes are cast, and, as we have seen, superdelegates can change their minds.
Eh. I can't see her actually sticking in until the convention. My prediction: She stays in until the DNC Rules committee meets on May 31. This will allow her to get a couple landslide wins in the West Virginia and Kentucky primaries. She pushes the Rules committee to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates, which the committee does not do (at least in any way that will bring her closer to the nomination). She'll say something about fighting for the people of Michigan and Florida, and that she is leaving the race because of DNC disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan voters. She'll return to the Senate and become a Teddy Kennedy-like kingmaker.