It's Old: The "Obama Lied About Denouncing Wright Last Week" Edition

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been blogging as much lately. That's because the hours at my job changed to a 4-day work week, which leaves me little time for blogging. (It's part of the state government's plan to crush the will of all their employees, I think.)

Despite the downsides, these new hours do allow me to listen to listen to old airings of Rush Limbaugh's show. Something he highlighted on the show I was listening to (originally broadcast the day after The Press Conference that Saved America) was this exchange between MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell and Joe Scarborough:

So Sen. Obama, who was "angry" about the comments Jeremiah Wright made at the National Press Club (that were just reiterations of the comments Obama had already defended, natch), spent the rest of his day overturning his "denouncement" of Wright that morning. And the media, sans Andrea Mitchell, were so wrapped up in the afterglow of the Sermon Ass-saving Pander on the Mount that they totally missed this.

These distractions just really aren't helping Michelle Obama's children though, so hush it.

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