Eh. I can't muster the OUTRAGEOUS OUTRAGE!!11eleventy!!!

Subway is having a story-writing contest for students...well, everyone except home-schooled students.

ABOVE: The personification (apparently) of current conservatism.

Eh. I get it that some people like to home school, but I was under the impression that conservatives liked the free market? Part of the reason I'm drawn to conservatism is that conservatives seem to be less negative and angry than your average leftist. We're not supposed to flip our shit whenever people do even the silliest of things.

And, for the record, with the exception of two people (who I didn't even meet until I got to grad school), every home-schooled person I've ever met has been completely socially inept. What's the use of reading at a higher grade level if you can't even interact with people?

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