19 rules for McCain's running mate...

Over at RedState, Dan McLaughlin has a list of veepstakes do's and don't's. It's a handy little list, albeit one that completely takes any dark horses or otherwise interesting picks off the table.

The "Don't's" list eliminates consideration of the following people:

- Sen. Joe Lieberman
- Sen. John Thune
- Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchenson
- Sen. Lindsay Graham
- possibly Rep. Marsha Blackburn
- Rep. Eric Cantor
- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
- former Representative and SEC Chairman Chris Cox
- former Representative and OMB Chairman Rob Portman
- former Sen. Fred Thompson
- former Sen. Phil Graham
- Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri
- Gov. Bobby Jindal
- Gov. Sarah Palin
- Gov. Matt Blunt
- former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele
- former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina
- NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani
- Gov. Charlie Crist
- former governor and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge
- Rep. Ron Paul
- possibly Sen. Tom Coburn
- Sen. Chuck Hagel
- Gov. Haley Barbour
- former Rep. JC Watts
- former Rep. John Kasich
- former Gov. Jeb Bush
- Sen. Elizabeth Dole
- Gov. Linda Lingle

The "Do's" list leaves the following three people:

- former Gov. Mitt Romney
- Gov. Mark Sanford
- Gov. Tim Pawlenty
- Gov. Jon Huntsman

Naturally, since this is RedState, they seem to be focused on the most boring choice possible: Mitt Romney. What is interesting about this is that Mitt Romney breaks several of the "don't's" they have listed. Despite his looks, the man is 61 years old, he would have lost the governorship in 2006 had he chose to run for re-election, and he is a one-term governor. And let's face it: the only reason conservatives even flocked to him at all was because he was seen as the anti-McCain. Choosing Mitt would be a bad idea.

UPDATE: David Freddoso points out another possible VP for McCain : Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman. I added him to the list.


doubleplusundead said...

True. For the life of me I can't understand why people seem hellbent on picking Romney now that we're free to pick who we actually want. Romney was the last man standing against McCain, that's all there is to it, he isn't some stellar conservative voice. Yes, he should be doing more than running a stupid PAC, he's a brilliant manager, organizer and fundraiser, but not VP.

S. Weasel said...

Romney was my guy going in, but I was hella disappointed in his performance. Add in the Mormon thing, and I think it's a no-go for VP.

I'd be surprised if McCain went there. It seemed like he disliked Romney personally.

I wouldn't take Carcieri off the table. I had to check the article to see why they thought he was a bad choice. Age surprised me. He just doesn't seem old. He's my governer and I like him.

He's currently cracking down on illegal immigration, so that would be a funny mix. I wonder how his name got into the speculation...pure political fantasy, I'm guessing.

it's vintage, duh said...

I actually like the idea of Carcieri a lot more than Romney. A two-term conservative governor from New England. Sign me up!