Link Round-up: RIP, Charlton Heston edition

Ed Morrissey eulogizes the great actor and gun rights advocate over at HotAir.com.

"We won't let them grab the guns, Mr. Heston, not even from your cold, dead hands."

Some of the man's greatest hits, and some predictable lefty hatred...already.

Gateway Pundit has some links of his own, and more predictable nutroots reaction...

Michelle Malkin has some good youtube of Heston, as well as a statement by the Heston family.

The editors of PowerLine share their thoughts. Best passage:
In the last chapter of his autobiography Heston tells a story deriving from his appearance in Minnesota on behalf of Grams. In the course of his remarks on behalf of Grams, Heston said: "We have to get back to the values and perceptions of those wise old dead white guys who invented this country." Grams's hapless opponent and her friends in the media tried to create a brouhaha out of the remarks, as Heston recalls, branding him with what he calls "the familiar P.C epithets." Heston had moved on to appear on behalf of another Republican candidate outside Minnesota after the controversy erupted, but he took the time to tape a response:
"Let's see now," I said, "they were wise, they were old, they're dead, they were white guys, and they invented this country. Which word in that sentence don't you understand?"
I think it's fair to say that we shall not look upon his like again.
Karl notes that the AP can't keep it's bias out of it's obituary.

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