The right's best grievance-monger

We all know that Sen. McCain has angered us in the past. It's old news. It's out there. Everyone is aware of it. But there is one thing you can expect, like clockwork, every time McCain starts cozying up to conservatives (like, say, by giving an economic speech heavy on conservative themes). So, when I saw in the HotAir.com headlines that Michelle Malkin had written another ham-fisted, obnoxious, faux populist column rehashing McCain's past sins, I wasn't surprised:
The New York Times–endorsed media darling got a standing ovation from the nation’s newspaper editors at a big journalism powwow in Washington this week. Some maverick. While McCain eagerly criticized Obama as an “elitist” for his derisive comments about small-town Pennsylvanians, Obama’s got nothing on McCain when it comes to insulting average Americans who oppose illegal immigration.

Pandering to the open-borders lobby as cozily as Obama panders to San Francisco billionaires, McCain has attacked grassroots enforcement activists as bitter racists and xenophobes, cursed his Senate opponents and mocked the “goddamned fence” in front of his deep-pocketed business supporters. And who can forget his disdainful admonition to conservatives, whom he berated to “calm down.”

It's like there is some block in her that will not allow any good information pass about McCain without stammering out something like, "But...but...but...he, uh, was angry at me once. Yeah! That's it!" One of the reasons I became a conservative is because the liberals I knew seemed to constantly act like nothing was ever good enough for them. There was always something wrong with everything. I can't handle that kind of constant negativity, but apparently Michelle can.

UPDATE: I re-read this later, and thought it sounded a bit too harsh. Michelle has a lot of good work, and her political insights (along with those of Ace, Jeff Goldstein, etc.) helped get me into grad school, believe it or not. So, while I won't pull a classic lefty blogger trick and send this post down a memory hole, please note that this article could probably use a few rough edges sanded off of it.

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