No, Pete, there oughtn't be a law.

It's brilliant ideas like this that caused Republicans to lose in 2006:
Congressmen Peter J. Roskam (R-IL) today unveiled his “There Oughta Be a Law” initiative at a press conference in Bloomingdale.


“As a new member of Congress, I have learned first-hand what most 6th District residents already know, Washington is broken. Partisan politics have hamstrung Congress’ ability to find solutions to the most pressing problems our nation faces.

“The constituents I represent are reasonable folks with sound ideas – and it’s time to send a little more 6th District solutions to Washington.

“Therefore, I am proud to give my constituents the unique opportunity to have their legislative idea introduced in Congress. The very best way to restore faith in our nation’s government is to empower individuals. This is the ultimate definition of representative government.
Apparently, being a Republican in Chicago means that you want statist laws coming from the constituents, rather than the Representative in DC.

As Radley Balko (h/t, btw) points out:
Results of prior "there oughtta be a law" competitions: drug testing for welfare recipients, and seat belts for dogs.

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Kadnine said...

Well, I remember the "seat belts for dogs" fiasco. And what a boondoggle that was. Being a libertarian leaning conservative, I always vote for the candidate closest to my point of view. That used to mean I was a fairly reliable Republican... but these days?