Next up: The Shroud of Rezko...

In case you missed the headline yesterday, the Church of the Obamessiah (Change be upon Him) now has it's own holy artifacts:
In this, the campaign that goes on and on, why would anyone be inclined to hold on to something so transient, so fragile, as an aging campaign sticker? (And why, in our travels about town -- a survey of sorts that's hardly exhaustive -- do we not see well-worn stickers for John McCain or Hillary Clinton?)
Heh. Emphasis mine.

Yes, why do you not see well-worn stickers for McCain and Hillary? My guess: Because their supporters, ya know, support them, not worship them.

Why, it's almost as if Obama supporters are supporting Obama to be trendy or cool. But surely this is just a phenomenon that isn't carried over to the superdelegates. Oh wait:
But even politicians are mentioning the persuasiveness of their children, either in earnest or as political cover, as a factor in their Obama endorsements.

That list of Democrats includes Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Gov. Jim Doyle of Wisconsin, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

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