Linking Linkers, and the Links that Link them, 4/4 edition

You keep using these words, "dialog on race", I think you do not know what they mean.

All this new found HOPETM and ChangeTM hasn't stopped Barack Obama from voting "present" on any issue that is remotely controversial.

SCANDAL! Some of John McCain's economic advisors are guilty of the most grievous crime of all: believing in free markets.

Sen. Tom Coburn for vice president? Jeremy Lott thinks that's a good idea. I'm not so sure. Sen. Coburn is one of the few good senators in that body, and I think that is where his voice is most needed. Also, while some of his recent comments on the Iraq war may pull in the votes of more dovish conservatives and independents, I think it will cost him more votes.

Also, neither he nor McCain have executive experience. He needs to balance the ticket by choosing a fiscally conservative and ethical governor who can reassure those of us who believe in smaller government. Ahem.

The U.S.S.I. is alive and well, which begs the question: How much more livable would Illinois be if they could just get rid of Chicago?

Remember that threatening letter that some prominent Glacier-backers sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Yeah, it didn't work.

Zombietime has a new blog! (h/t Nice Deb)

Democrat Minnesota State Senator: Hey, you know what's anti-democratic? People thinking that they can spend their money better than the government can.

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