It would get more people to vote, that's for sure.

Yes, it's old. But it's tax day, so why not try to cheer ourselves up with a 17-month-old pipe dream:
The passage of time between when we dutifully vote and when we curse the IRS actually serves as a comfortable buffer zone for politicians against an onslaught of public discontent. It’s the ultimate “buy now, pay later” scheme.

As a result, taxpayers often end up with elected officials who give lip service to the idea of lower (or at least simpler) taxes, but who rarely have to deal with the immediate consequences of failing to back up words with deeds.

As a response to the disconnect, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R., Md.) has sponsored a bill that would move the deadline for federal income-tax returns from April 15 to the first Monday in November — conveniently, the day before Election Day. The cause is simple: strengthen the link between the politicians we elect and the taxes we pay for their services (or disservices).
More information on Rep. Bartlett's bill can be found here.

UPDATE:via HotAir, here is the Young America's Foundation's Jason Mattera asking Sen. Ted Kennedy about his funneling the Kennedy money into trusts and foundations, given his continued support for the death tax:

FYI, a good source of information about the death tax is the American Family Business Institute.

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