In which I admit to being wrong...

Earlier I stated that I didn't think Secretary of State Condi Rice would be attending the ATR Wednesday meeting in search of becoming vice president. It turns out that I'm not to be trusted as an analyst:
No speaker goes to conservative activist Grover Norquist's Wednesday breakfast meeting without a purpose. And so it was with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice two weeks ago when she convinced a rapt audience -- without even raising the possibility -- that she should be the next vice president.

"If her goal was to convince everyone she would be a good president and, therefore, a good vice president -- she hit it out of the ballpark," Norquist tells The Sleuth.


But this time, Rice wanted to address the group of activists and writers personally. And Norquist, who hosts the meetings, says many attendees "left the room saying, 'This is a woman who could be president.'"


section9 said...

Look, I don't care about Condi's "non-denial denial" of today. Grover came out and basically endorsed her. You were an intern there. When Grover Norquist comes out and says that Condi Rice is the next best thing since baked bread, ears should pick up.

I don't care what kind of reasoning Richelieu posted over on the Standard-she's got Grover's backing. I suspect that's what's got a lot of Romney people excorcised and T-Paw's guys out in Minneapolis, as well.

Something's going on.

it's vintage, duh said...

See, I had thought earlier that she wasn't at his office to be VP. But now I admit that I think she is all over it. And, when I was there last spring, there were representatives from a lot of campaigns there each week. I can think of at least 3 or 4 off the top of my head.