Donald Carcieri for Vice President?

Leon Wolf seems to think that the Rhode Island governor would be a good fit at the bottom of McCain's ticket:
It turns out that, among other things, Don Carcieri is pro-life. The comments attributed to the Governor and his wife in that article were positively shocking to me for their strength. He has also taken strong stances in favor of traditional families. Carcieri is also a much stronger opponent of illegal immigration than is McCain, which might help to offset McCain's biggest weakness with the Republican base.

Carcieri has grown somewhat less popular within Rhode Island over the last two years, and one of the primary reasons appears to be that he has supply-sider instincts. The State of Rhode Island ran into a $200 million budget shortfall, and instead of addressing the problem by raising taxes or fees, Carcieri responded by revamping the entire government, including the layoffs of over 1,000 government employees.
I think I could get behind that idea.

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S. Weasel said...

My governer! Carcieri is a good guy.

If you listen to TV or radio around here, you'd think everybody hates his guts. That's because the media hates his guts, natch. This is an extraordinarily corrupt state, and what isn't corrupt is unionized. He's managed to get a surprising amount done in spite of that, but somebodyorother is always marching against him on the evening news.