Burglaries up 21%...thank God for the Second Amendment!

Oh wait, burglaries are up 21% in Washington, DC, where the Second Amendment doesn't apply:
Criminals are jimmying locks, kicking in front doors, breaking through roof hatches and skylights, and sometimes even sawing security bars off windows to get into houses and businesses, police said. They are hauling off computers, flat-screen televisions, jewelry, digital media players and other items, which they then sell.

Police data show that 922 burglaries were reported in the city in the first quarter of the year, compared with 761 in the same span last year. The biggest increases have been reported on Capitol Hill and in neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River, including Congress Heights.
The neighborhoods mentioned in the final paragraph are in the SE quadrant of DC, which is plagued by violence and extremely high unemployment. Approximately 1/3 of the homicides in DC took place in one neighborhood in this quadrant alone.

This is also the section of DC that has the highest African-American population. So this city, whose voters are 90% Democrat, continues to claim that it stands up for civil rights and minorities while keeping a gun ban in place that does nothing to deter robberies. The best way to stand up for people who have next to nothing is to first allow them to protect the things they do own and their own livelihoods. That's a changetm that would give people hopetm.

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doubleplusundead said...

They're getting all their thieving in before the ban gets overturned. Hey, they linked your story pr0n on bases story in Ace's sidebar!