Boston Herald editor: Mass murderers really inspire me!

Especially the one's that are murdering for the little guy:
"Tabloids in some cases say what other papers only think," says [Boston Herald editor Kevin] Convey, the Herald's editor, whose office faces a freeway separating the paper's unfashionable neighborhood from the blue-collar enclave of Southie. "If you don't have fun putting out a tabloid, you're brain-dead."

Convey may be having a grand time, but his paper is hurting, its daily circulation having shrunk to 203,000 (compared with 384,000 for the Boston Globe), and just 113,000 on Sunday. He is down to a scrappy band of 10 city reporters, beyond those in the features, business and sports sections.


Convey, who keeps a poster of Che Guevara in his office, says the problems facing his guerrilla operation are not directly linked to the shrinking of the city's working class. Still, he says, "a lot of people find tabloids to be beneath them. In Boston, where the air is a bit more rarefied and you're closer to Harvard, some people have a problem with tabloids. I think there's a certain nobility in tabloids."
You see, Convey is just like Che, standing up for those who don't have voices. Hopefully he hasn't yet made the foray into killing all those who oppose him. Watch your back, Martin Baron.

Hey, if the Boston Herald goes under, he could always look for a job on the Obama campaign.

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