BDS or legitimate?

I think they are good ads, if used as a lesson in history. But, seeing as how they have been made by an organization as vacuous as MTV, I highly doubt that. Even The Huffington Post sees some BDS politics in the ads (not that they'd disagree with any of it):
Using the Holocaust as the backdrop for what could befall America if we are "not careful," the 30-second spots questions the integrity of the network for using an example that remains fresh in the memories and minds of a culture. Which seems to be exactly their point, if they have one.
Personally, I just love that people would accept any "hard" news or political commentary from the people that brought the world such hard-hitting, informed shows as "Laguna Beach" and "Real World/Road Rules Challenge". As Allah says:
Honestly? If my belly wasn’t so full of the left’s nonsense in this vein over the past six years, if it was produced not by MTV but as some sort of video greeting for the Holocaust Museum in D.C., I’d think it was effective.
Here are the ads:

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