Are you ready for 300 pages of class warfare and whining?

No? Me either. But Mike Huckabee is writing a book for us anyway:
Two weeks after the next president is elected, Mike Huckabee will publish a book sharing details on his failed bid for the White House and offering his vision for remodeling the conservative movement.


"There's going to be a lot of untold stories and untold anecdotes," said Will Weisser, Sentinel's associate publisher. "But the other part is the governor's vision for the future of American politics and society and what should we be working towards? How does the (Republican) party become more unified?"
As we saw in the primary, Huckabee thinks GOP unification lies in big government domestic policies, class warfare, and religious identity politics.

I wonder ow many pages will be devoted to how The Man tried to keep him down by...ummm...not voting for him?


Anonymous said...

Wow! You must have an insider's look at the book, even though it's not going to be released for another months. By the way, Paul Weyrich, head of the Heritage Foundation, admitted that he was wrong in endorsing Mitt Romney and said he failed and should have backed Huck. This book is about Mike's volunteers and his look on the future. And, their is class warfare. DUH! Where have you been. Apparently not in AMerica.

it's vintage, duh said...

Sorry, I'm not voting for who the best Christian is, I'm voting for Commander-in-Chief. And that is not Mike Huckabee. Whatever Paul Weyrich said means jack shit to me. I vote based on the principles I believe in, not the way people tell me to.

And I have been in America, working on Giuliani's campaign and finishing a Masters in government...not randomly searching blogs to leave half-brained comments and misusing the word "their".