Any other advice you want to give them?

The Politico has a great article up on their site that compiled the top 12 reasons that Obama's elitist comments will hurt him. Tucked away on the second page of the article is #12:
12. It undermines Democratic congressional candidates who had thought that Obama would make a stronger top for the ticket than Clinton. Already, Republican House candidates are challenging their Democratic opponents to renounce or embrace Obama’s remarks. Ken Spain, press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said: “There is a myth being perpetuated by Democrats and even some in the media that an Obama candidacy would somehow be better for their chances down ballot. But we don’t believe that is the case.”
Emphasis mine.

If the NRCC actually believes this, why are they telling anyone? The GOP is already facing an uphill battle just to keep their slim minority in the Congress and revealing our hand won't help alleviate the situation. I think that Obama, irrespective of this latest Kinsleyian gaffe, will be the Democrat Party's nominee. Even if the NRCC shares this view, it is unwise and reckless to so openly show ones hand in politics.

If the NRCC is trying the ol' reverse psychology and think that Sen. Clinton would be better for our down the ticket chances, I must respectfully and strongly disagree. In this vintage posting at HotAir.com, Allahpundit reminds us why:
Hillary has more skeletons in her closet than any other candidate on either side of the aisle. But unlike the scary unknown skeletons in the other candidates’ closets, Hillary’s skeletons are familiar, like old friends.

Hillary’s skeletons are so well-known, they should have their own nicknames. Hey look, it’s “Whitey,” the Whitewater skeleton! Over there is “Pink Slip,” the Travel Office Firings skeleton — right next to the collection of bones labeled “Hillarycare.” That grinning skull on the shelf? His official name is “Cattle Futures Skeleton,” but he goes by “Hundred Thousand” — the eye-popping sum of money she made off those trades. It just sounds more “street.” And that bag of bones in the corner is the one formally known as “Magic Reappearing Rose Law Firm Billing Records Skeleton.” Yeah, it’s kind of an awkward name; just call him “Rosie.” Everyone else does.

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