Amy Holmes at The Corner predicted the future...

...with regards to Hate-monger Jeremiah Wright at least. This is what Ms. Holmes wrote on March 18, 2008:
He leaves this thing alone for the time being and suffers through the next few primaries. [...] Then, he deploys The Pastor Plan. It goes like this. Pastor Wright arranges to give a speech. In it, the pastor makes such outlandish and slanderous claims, not unlike we've already heard, that Obama has no choice but to say, "Enough! Jeremiah has gone too far. I cannot abide his divisive, harmful, and inappropriate language. He does not speak for me or my family which is why we must, with heavy hearts, sever our relationship. He will always be a friend and welcome at my door. But I cannot continue to take his counsel, religious or otherwise." It helps here if the pastor has used some swear words and invented new conspiracies.


Timing is key. Sometime right after the inevitable 527 Pastor Wright ads start running. In fact, they can be the pretext of the pastor's speech. The 527 ads provoke the Reverend's fury. Obama reacts. Bam! It's over. Pastor problem solved.

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Anonymous said...

It was a great call.....regardless of if was correct or just lucky, it was still a great prediction!

S. Weasel said...

Yeah, but it's hard to see how it helps him. Many white people won't buy this turnaround, and many black people are likely to resent it.

He's picking at our national scab...