All is not well in the Land of Hopetm and Changetm

Polling indicates that a majority of Americans still enjoy choosing their own doctors, deciding when to get medical care, and having the best quality of health care in the world:
Twenty-nine percent (29%) of American adults favor a national health insurance program overseen by the Federal Government. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 39% oppose such a government-led initiative while 31% are not sure.

The survey also found that 46% believe the quality of care would decrease under a national health insurance program while 16% believe that quality would increase. Twenty percent (20%) say the quality of care would remain about the same while 18% are not sure.
Also, internal polling from the Republican National Committee and the McCain camp show that Americans apparently prefer "despair and constancy" to "hopetm and changetm":
Internal polling data [...] shows John McCain with a solid lead over both his potential general election rivals. Powered by the same appeal to Democrats and independents that fueled his primary election success, McCain is leading Barack Obama 48 percent to 42 percent and Hillary Clinton 51 percent to 40 percent according to RNC polling done late last month.

He’s moved ahead of the two Democrats by consolidating support among Republicans, but also by retaining his backing among a wide swath of independents and picking up a small chunk of cross-party support.
Of course, there are still about 7 months left in the campaign, and Sen. McCain still has to shoot his chances in the foot by picking an unacceptable candidate for vice president.

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