I knew I liked this guy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said the situation in Tibet has left him considering a boycott of the 2008 Olympic Games being held in Beijing:
When asked about a possible boycott on a visit to the south-western Pyrenees region, Mr Sarkozy said: "All options are open and I appeal to the Chinese leaders' sense of responsibility."

He added: "I want a dialogue to start and I will step up my response according to the response given by the Chinese authorities."

France's state TV network said it might boycott coverage of the Games if Beijing censored protests during the event.
I don't think a boycott is the right path, as all it would really do is crush the dreams of athletes who have been dreaming of this moment since they were children. However, it is nice to see a Western European leader actually stand up to fascism, even in symbolic ways.

UPDATE: Apparently Sarkozy only meant that he himself might boycott the opening ceremonies. Never drink Val-U-Rite Vodka and blog. Unless you're a pro.

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