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The Wall Street Journal has a piece up extolling the virtues of U.S. Securities and Exchange Chairman Chris Cox, and what he could bring to the GOP ticket as Sen. John McCain's vice presidential nominee:
At 55, he's youthful and confidence-inspiring, with ample experience to serve as understudy to a well-traveled 72-year-old. He has a reputation as a serious and sober minded politician. He earned both a law and business degree from Harvard. He's fluent in Russian -- before entering politics he started a company that translated Soviet publications into English. He served a stint in the Reagan White House, then ran successfully for Congress from Orange County, serving nine terms and amassing a strong record as a fiscal conservative and tax cutter. He also led a bipartisan Congressional commission that wrote the book on Chinese technological espionage.
The former California Congressman is a good and decent man. I had the pleasure of meeting him and hearing him speak while at my internship last spring in DC. That being said, the ticket needs someone exciting and different who can help raise funds and has a commitment to fiscal restraint. While I think Cox has the latter, I am hesitant to believe he can do the former. McCain will be running against the Obamessiah himself in the fall. We need someone who can match that excitement.

Also, in the hopes of providing an inspiring story, the author mentions this:
At age 25, Mr. Cox faced the possibility that he might never walk again when a Jeep he was riding in flipped over and pinned him to the ground. His spine was crushed. It took him six months and a steel brace that he wore around his chest before he regained the ability to walk. Today, he still suffers severe pain, especially if he sits for long periods of time, so he often uses a desk that allows him to work while standing up.
While it is good that he survived and has accomplished all he has while in this condition, "having constant immense pain" is not something I look for in a vice presidential candidate.

My choice, of course, is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, even though I think the chances that will happen are slim to nil.

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