election 2008 link dump: mccain edition

- sean hannity will be having a one hour interview with sen. john mccain tonight on hannity & colmes tonight at 9pm eastern. hannity is saying he's going to ask all the questions we want answered. i wonder if hannity will ask about juan hernandez' role in his campaign?

- has the mccain campaign been buying up domain names that suggest he is vetting alaska gov. sarah palin to be his vice president? (related: mccain's vice presidential search officially began today.)

- new poll results from suggest a close race for mccain. however, i think that the most most enigmatic person to ever win a presidential nomination in either party ever, sen. obama, is who he will be challenging. once obama's dirty laundry comes out, i think things will turn in his favor.

- rob port highlights an article on mccain's role in the senate during pres. bush's first term.

- obama attacks sen. mccain for wanting to keep tax cuts. yes sen. obama, let's raise the issue of how you would raise the taxes of most americans. that could be a fun discussion.

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