don't they know he's the messiah?

and you aren't allowed to question the messiah. st. obama of hope was asked in a press conference about everything from the rezko scandal to losing the jewish vote. it wasn't pretty:
Reporters from the Associated Press and Reuters went after him for his false denial that a campaign aide had held a secret meeting with Canadian officials over Obama's trade policy. A trio of Chicago reporters pummeled him with questions about the corruption trial this week of a friend and supporter. The New York Post piled on with a question about him losing the Jewish vote.

Obama responded with the classic phrases of a politician in trouble. "That was the information that I had at the time. . . . Those charges are completely unrelated to me. . . . I have said that that was a mistake. . . . The fact pattern remains unchanged."

When those failed, Obama tried another approach. "We're running late," the candidate said, and then he disappeared behind a curtain.

this is why i feel that it will be much easier for sen. mccain to run against st. obama than clinton. st. obama is a man who has never had to run against a serious republican challenger. in the illinois state senate, he represented chicago, where no republican has a chance. when he won his u.s. senate race, he was running against carpetbagger alan keyes.

st. obama just doesn't do well under scrutiny. that won't play in the general.

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