Another Tuzla lie for Hillary

Saying that she "landed under sniper fire" isn't the only whopper the Glacier has told about her trip to Tuzla. From a January 2, 2008 taping of "The Today Show" comes this exchange:
CLINTON: Well I think that is a misreading of what went on in those years. I don't think it would have been appropriate to attend a formal National Security Council meeting. I have said that when I'm president my husband won't do that. I was intimately involved in preparing for a lot of the trips that I took. I was the first high profile American to go into Bosnia, after the Dayton peace accords. Nearly everywhere I went I was briefed both by the CIA, by the Department of Defense, by State Department, by National Security Council members. You know the idea that you aren't involved because you don't attend a meeting and knowing, as I do, that there weren't too many of those formal meetings, really doesn't understand the way decisions were made. And --

VIEIRA: But when you mention something like Bosnia, that, that people are responding, "Yeah but she went to Bosnia, for example, with Sinbad. With a performer. That, that was --

CLINTON: That's right. That's right.
Now that Hillary has said her piece, what does actual history have to say about that incident?:
With Apache attack helicopters patrolling the slate-gray skies overhead, President Clinton stood today before rows of the American soldiers he had sent to Bosnia and thanked them for being "warriors for peace."

On a chill airfield, the nearby roads mired in thick mud, President Clinton gazed at 500 soldiers in camouflage gear and told them they represented the American ideal.
The dateline on that article is January 14, 1996. That is both after the Dayton peace accords were signed on December 14, 1995 and before her trip in March 1996.

So does the President of the United States not qualify as "high profile American" anymore?

UPDATE: Secretary of State Warren Christopher apparently doesn't count either, as he was in the area a month before Hillary.

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