two "foreigners" running in '08?

the new york times rolled out yet another hit piece on sen. john mccain today, this one raising questions about his eligibility for the office. you see, mccain's father was a navy serviceman, and he and his wife were living in the panama canal zone during sen. mccain's birth. u.s. presidents, according to the constitution, must be natural born citizens.

if only they had done a simple google search before writing this article, they would have found out that he is, indeed, a natural-born u.s. citizen.

but is this an issue the obama campaign or the nyt should ever bring up, given some questionable things in his past that could disqualify him as well?

come on, nyt...you can shill for barack better than these two articles...

: here are a couple more sources that debunk the "mccain is not a natural born citizen" meme.

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