don't count pawlenty off yet

bob novak says that gov. tim pawlenty, a leading contender to be sen. john mccain's vice presidential pick, has been rubbing some other republican governor's the wrong way:
Pawlenty's position as chairman of the National Governors Association (NGA) may prove his undoing. While party insiders sing his praises as ideal to be McCain's running mate, leading conservative Republican governors have been less than pleased with him. Pawlenty has collaborated with the NGA vice chairman, Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell, in a fat economic stimulus package, as well as the energy proposal.

hotair.com linked to this article in their headlines section, titling the link "Pawlenty torpedoes his VP prospects?"

i don't think this is true. i think that gov. pawlenty is conservative enough in areas where mccain himself is not, and this proves that he, too, is a "maverick". it would do what mccain likes to do best (anger some of the gop) while shoring up new support at the same time. therefore i think it makes it more likely that mccain will chose him.

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