anti-war: what is it good for?

our precious left-wing american musicians are all contributing to the soundtrack of an anti-war documentary called "body of war", about an Iraq War veteran who gets paralyzed in the battlefield and is now against the war.

that's fine, but here is what i find really troublesome:
The 30-song, two-disc album "Body of War: Songs That Inspired an Iraq War Veteran" will be released March 18 via Warner Music's Sire Records label. All proceeds from the sale of the album will benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War

so, basically, the idea is to use a paralyzed veteran as a front to raise money for an anti-war group.

i've got an idea. if you're really concerned about paralyzed veterans in america, how about having all proceeds go to the disabled american veterans charitable service trust or to army emergency relief?


Anonymous said...

That vet IVAW is "using" is a member and asked that the donations go to IVAW. His body is paralyzed, not his mind.

it's vintage, duh said...

so the left is "not using" him the sae way they were "not using" cindy sheehan?

where is she these days, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Yep, Thomas Young has a brain all his own. You are insulting a vet who was shot in Iraq becasue you don't agree with his politics. No matter where you stand thats pretty low.

Did you say the same when Ari Fleischer couldn't even remember the name of the vet in his commercial? That he "used" a vet?

Please respect vets. If Ari's vet wants to be in that commercial, let him. Doesn't give me the right to trash him. Just Ari for caring so little he couldn't even propperly prepare for an interview. He could at least act like he gives a crap.

it's vintage, duh said...

that's not the point. he has the right to do whatever he wants. the point is that after the left is done using him to raise a few dollars for their cause, they'll toss him away, just like they do with everyone else.