he's, like, for change and stuff

in the new york observer's endorsement of barack obama today comes this little gem...

We believe that Mr. Obama’s idealism and fresh ideas would ensure that the end of the Bush era would also mean an end to government by secrecy, Cheneyism, arrogance, oligarchy; an end to mindless armed unilateralism abroad; an end to the blustering, rank partisan disputes of the last quarter-century.

first off, if anyone can tell me the difference between sen. obama's ideas and the ideas of the other two, i'll give you a friggin' dollar.

and really...barack is going to end rank partisan disputes? he talks about "ending partisanship", but he says that when partisanship is ended what will happen is that the united states will finally, finally get to pass universal health care, comprehensive immigration reform, etc. in that context, "ending partisanship" means "ending opposing viewpoints and resistance to liberal policy".

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